welcome to our restaurant

Located in the hamlet of Fisherville, Ye Olde Fisherville Restaurant, has been a landmark for locals, cottagers and travelers alike.

At times feeling isolated, we truly believe that Fisherville is the middle of the Universe and that is why we lovingly call it The Fisherworld.

Our 54 seats restaurant has been a hub of activities since 1853 and if only walls could talk...

They would tell you about the time when the Lake Erie’s fishermen,
would through their daily catch on the tiled floor of the Hotel’s reception (current pool area) . The manager would pick through the fish to buy only the best fish for lunch special. That’s not how we get our fish or the specials nowadays.

That there is a customer that came for a cold pint at the age of 17, who still comes for cold one at the cool age of 85. Although he has cut down to half pint recently, right George Otterman?

That there used to be a piano and maestro Persy would fill the building with his music and the monkey, yes, a little capuchin monkey, would dance and entertain.

And the shuffle board in the corner, that many locals remember keenly.

We are continuing a solid tradition of making memories, special times shared with friends and families, home cooking, cold brew and attentive service, so the walls will continue talking.

Walking through the restaurant’s doors you will feel like you have arrived at home, filled with your friends, who might be in the midst of organizing your a surprise party.
You just never know whom you might run into.